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Australian born passionate, driven 26 year old urban pop singer Samantha Demmler PKA Samara grew up with music in her blood and is the oldest of four girls.


It was only in the year 2014 where Samara started to really make a commitment and dedicate herself to her music career due to the loss of her mother. Samara's mother had suffered for 15 years and her loss took a huge hit on Samara's life, her family or what was left of it split apart, it was safe to say she was close to giving up.

Samara picked herself up and got back on her feet with the mentality that you have a choice to continue to sleep with your dreams or to wake up and chase them and that’s exactly what she did.

Samara begun vocal coaching with Katherine Dolphin at Rockability Studios in South Yarra. After coaching, networking, gigs and attempting to find a producer who she connected with on December 1st, 2016 Samara released her first single ‘Don’t Know’ featuring Sydney based rapper, songwriter and producer Mistah Mez. Samara's second single ‘Do Right’ was released in April 2017, following her third single 'With You' in October 2017. In December 2017 shortly after the release of 'With You', Samara then collaborated with US recording artist Calvin Ross, songwriter Danielle Kinoshita and True Knocks Productions to create ‘Dancing on You’.


Following the successful release of the first four tracks, Samara begun developing and building a relationship with Munich based producer Simon Blaze who has acquired 62,590 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 16.9 million views on YouTube. Whilst working on ‘Want from me’ Samara begun being both coached and produced vocally by Melbourne based artist Olivia Escuyos, together with mixing/mastering superstar Eric Erickson on the 17th of August ‘Want from me’ was released. Since the release of ‘Want from me’ Samara has developed a long standing friendship and working relationship with both Olivia and Eric who now assist with every project moving forward. 


Throughout all of her goals though, she seeks to reach but most importantly to make her mum proud. Samara has quoted “Sure it’s a tough industry, but I’m a tough girl and I understand I’m going to be told no far more times than I will yes, but that’s okay. I have my mother to thank for my drive, determination and love for music. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t even be pursuing this dream in the first place”.

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